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Who we are, What we do

Brown Is The New Red. Republican Red.

about us

Who we are, what we do

Faith, Family and Opportunity

Faith, Family and Opportunity are core Hispanic Values. They are also core Conservative Values.

With the mass migration into the middle class, more and more Americans of Hispanic Descent find themselves drawn to the political party which shares their values, work ethic and faith.

With so many Hispanics already registered Republican, the challenge is not to bring them into the party, but to show them they are not alone and must engage in the political arena.

Our Action Plan

Locate, Educate and Mobilize the Conservative Hispanic Population

Our first goal is to identify the Hispanic Republican
Voter in each State Assembly District.
Second, we will contact each of them to establish
a direct relationship with them, learning their
concerns and objectives.
We will provide them with the information on issues of the day and how to best promote their positions on issues and where we stand as Republicans.
For those wanting direct involvement in the political
process, we will provide them with opportunities
to participate in political campaigns as volunteers,
precinct leaders and community.
For those who wish to enter the political arena as a candidate, we will provide them with the training, tools, and resources needed to mount a strong and vibrant campaign. ie filing documents to run and qualify for the ballot, reporting requirements, voter rolls, district maps strategically organized and ready to implement.
Our Leadership and Board Members

Los Angles County Chapter

David Hernandez
Chairman/ Treasurer

David Hernandez was born in the community of Lincoln Heights. After graduating High School, David enlisted in the United States Navy, where he served from 1967-1971 and is now a Vietnam Veteran. David has been a candidate for various political offices from the Federal to City level. With each campaign, he has developed working relationships with community leaders of all parties, faiths, and walks of life. As an American of Hispanic
descent, he, like so many, has a strong commitment to family, faith, hard work, and service to the community.

David Hernandez is the Founder of the California Hispanic Republican Club and Chairman of the Los Angeles County chapter. An organization based on a solid belief in Family, Faith, and Opportunity. He is also hostt of the Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club TalkShow on AM870 The Answer, heard every
Saturday evening from 8pm to 10pm.

Board Members
Jessica Martinez
1st Vice Chair
Jack Guerrero
2nd Vice Chair
Nancy Vitale
Recording Secretary
Don Monroe
Board Member
Jeffi Girgenti
Board Member
Barbie George
Board Member
Elvira Moreno
Board Member
Our Leadership and Board Members

Orange County Chapter

Mindy Salinas

Mindy’s journey began in politics in 2014. She started getting actively involved with volunteering in 2019 & eventually became the chairwoman for the OCHRC. Their plans are to motivate people to run locally and focus on the importance of endorsing the right candidates with morals and values that align with the Hispanic communities. 

Board Members
Suzanne Gaxiola
Vice Chair
Rosie Richardson
Board Member
Lupe Gonzales
Board Member
Barbie George
Advisory Board
Melissa Salinas
Advisory Board

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