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Hispanic Republican Club

Brown is the new Red

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Faith, Family and Opportunity

Faith, Family and Opportunity are core Hispanic Values. They are also core Conservative Values.

With the mass migration into the middle class, more and more Americans of Hispanic Descent find themselves drawn to the political party which shares their values, work ethic and faith.

With so many Hispanics already registered Republican, the challenge is not to bring them into the party, but to show them they are not alone and must engage in the political arena.

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Our Mission

Every Hispanic Is Important To Us

Because of that, we want to educate, motivate and mobilize everyone by providing them with information and tools to expand their knowledge and build their resources.


Counties in california

39.23 Million



Hispanic or Latino

A word from our Founder

What are the key issues in the Hispanic Community? A question I have heard for decades and usually followed by the statement; Hispanics are Conservative/Republican but do not know it.

As an American of Mexican Descent, I believe the issues important to me are shared by most Hispanics. Clean Safe Neighborhoods, Quality Education for our childrenand the ability to work hard and prosper seem to me to be sharedby most Americans, regardless of ethnicity.
In researching the voters rolls, it turns out there were thousandsof Americans of Hispanic Descent already registered Republican.They were Conservative and Republican, and they knew it.

children andWhat was needed was a way to let them know they were not alone and invite them into the political arena, and, yes, mobilize. That is the reaso, the Los Angeles Hispanic Republican Club w formed.

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